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    Since childhood you have been hammered into Verbal Reality, where words prevail, and the experience disappears once you have named the thing.


    There is another reality...

    Experiential Reality

  • This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the massively-multiplayer online-and-offline thoughtware-upgrade personal-transformation game called StartOver.xyz. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. Please read this website responsibly. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness. No one can do this for you. No one can stop you from doing it. Our theory is that when we collectively build one million more Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code XPERREAL.00 to log your Matrix Points earned at this website on http://StartOver.xyz.

    Thank you for playing full out!

  • Verbal Reality ... Experiential Reality ...

    Same world ... Different Universe ...

    Say 'Ball'!

    Instead of sharing in your wondrous, wordless, wide-open perspectives, people pushed objects into your face and said, This is a ball. See? Ball! B-A-L-L. Can you say that? Ball! As soon as you speak your first words you are finally recognized as joining the human race.

    STARR: Verbal Reality vs. Experiential Reality

    Do you feel your feelings? Or do you watch yourself having feelings?

    Do you feel your feelings? Or do you talk about them?

  • Verbal vs. Experiential Reality

    Verbal Reality

    Modern culture taught us to be, move, speak, learn, experiment from our mind (our Box) which is a place of knowing.The place of knowing is full with concepts, ideas, thoughts, conclusions, assumptions and stories that mostly other people have put there.


    Questioning the place of knowing is questioning the foundation of the existence of modern culture because as Rousseau said better than most "I think therefore I am". Therefore if I stop thinking, if I stop having concepts, ideas, thoughts, conclusions, assumptions and stories, I am not. I die. It is hard wired in us that way.


    Therefore, we:

    Are in conformity with the forms of being that are known and shown around you

    (meaning be dead, be numb, be adaptive).

    Speak from what you already know.

    Learn new ideas that are not contradictory to ideas you already know.

    Experiment to find the same results.

    So as to never Not Be.


    It is contrary to our survival instinct to go beyond the realm of our mind. However, there lies the true possibilities of living full out.


    The assumption "I think therefore I am" is only accurate in Verbal Reality. Verbal reality is everything that we can understand and therefore can name. In verbal reality, when we name something, we understand it, we control it, we know what to do with it and how to talk about it. The ultimate goal of living in verbal reality if to be safe.


    You might come to admit that playing safe in verbal reality is also boring, flat, lifeless, and somewhat dead. Reality is squashed into a 2D-video with no flavors, no touch, no odors, fake sounds, fake colors, and no relationship to you. Videos are one way streets. You are relating to them, not them to you. Verbal reality is living in a flat, black & white world when the possibility of a round, technicolor world is waiting for us out there.


    The round technicolor world can be reached through Experiential Reality. Experiential reality comes by letting the experience lead. The experience comes first without meaning, without story.


    Experiential Reality

    Do you really taste your coffee? Do you really taste anything?

    Self-help books will tell you to "feel your toothbrush when brushing your teeth, feel the water flowing on your skin when you shower, and taste your food when eating", what they don't tell you is the purpose: to enter experiential reality.


    Entering experiential reality happens without story. Experiential reality happens before your mind makes a story about what is happening now, like "I am drinking coffee", "What should I do later?", "This coffee is not great" or "This coffee is delicious".


    Every one of those stories blocks us from the experience "coffee". Even naming the coffee "coffee" limits us, because the moment we name coffee "coffee" our mind gets a grip on it and we know what to do with it: drink it!


    In experiential reality, they are an unlimited number of possibilities about how to relate to a cup of coffee: make an art piece out of it, offer it to somebody else, feed it to somebody else, warm your hands around it, just order it and look at it with amazement that thousands of people have been involved in making this thing happen, throw it on the waiter's white shirt, heal your broken nail in the healing water infused coffee, and on and on and on


    In verbal reality, only one: a cup of coffee is made to be drunk and then talked about. If the coffee is not great, then we can complain and we have something to do. If the coffee is great, then we can talk about coffee and what a great coffee is and the best coffee we ever tasted and so on...


    And we are in our mind. We miss out on the experience of our 4 other bodies. Each of our other 4 bodies are also having the experience "coffee" but we do not let ourselves experience that experience. The practice is to experience the experience "coffee" in all 5 bodies.


    If you don't taste your coffee, how can you taste the skin of your partner?

    If you don't experience your coffee, how can you experience Love with your partner?


    The practice is to experience the full experience of "coffee" in your 5 bodies even for one second and then let it get bigger.


    What is bigger? What we can name or what we can experience?

    In which Universe would you rather live?

    The one in which you can only express and experience what you have

    a name for?

    The one in which you can express and experience what is possible to experience?


    This is not a rhetorical question.

    It is a life choice.


    It is a choice between being half-dead and walking through life like a zombie

    or being alive and experiencing Life as unknown experience.

  • Excerpted From The Genius and the Goddess by Aldous Huxley

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    "What a gulf between IMpression and EXpression! That's our ironic fate - to have Shakespearean feelings and (unless by some billion-to-one chance we happen to BE Shakespeare) to talk about them like automobile salesmen, or teen-agers, or college professors. We practice alchemy in reverse - touch gold and it turns into lead; touch pure lyrics of experience, and they turn into the verbal equivalents of tripe and hogwash."


    "Aren't you being unduly optimistic about experience?" I questioned. "Is it always so golden and poetical?"


    "Intrinsically golden! Poetical by its essential nature. But of course if you're steeped in the tripe and hogwash dished out by the moulders of public opinion, you'll tend automatically to pollute your impressions at the source; you'll re-create the world in the image of your own notions - and of course your own notions are everybody else's notions; so the world you live in will consist of the Lowest Common Denominator of the local culture. But the original poetry is always there - always."

  • Enter Experiential Reality

    experiencing the food without naming it

    experiencing the love and care that someone would put in preparing food

    experiencing being at the table with one's family

    experiencing being alive


    Experiential reality let the experience lead without stories, before it is communicated through words.

    Bob experientially tasting dinner...

    Bob experientially tasting dinner...

    Growing Up and Entering Experiential Reality

    If you abandon the obsolete strategies of creating rules or pressuring yourself in order to 'take care of yourself'

    or to create things, what are you left with?

    Millicent Haughey and Sónia Gonçalves share their journey in shifting from external pressure to internal experience as their Compass of Reality.

    The shift is a radical growing up process, moving from victim of the world to being Radically Responsible for sourcing What You Want.

    The key element to move into Experiential Reality remains the ability to Conscious Feel and Navigate all 4 Feelings from the Heart.

  • Dead Worlds

    Dead Worlds by Clinton Callahan

    NC-RADIO.23 (1 matrix point)

    Dead Worlds by Clinton Callahan

    NC-RADIO.23 (1 matrix point)

    Dead Worlds by Clinton Callahan

    NC-RADIO.23 (1 matrix point)

  • Experiencing Women

    Experiencing Being a Woman, or Experiencing Being With a Woman,

    In Don Juan De Marco words

    "Every women is a mystery to be solved... There is no metaphor to describe experiencing Love with a woman"


    As woman experiencing herself

    can you stand in being a mystery to be unfolded?

    Being in the unknown of who you are,

    because you are Everything and therefore can be Anything


    As men experiencing woman,

    can you seriously let go of the spacious idea that you can own Everything

    can you let your experiential reality of a Woman lead you

    to discover who she is while she discovers it herself?

    can you be the violinist that let the violin speak through your fingers?

    May it true for Men too...

  • Multidimensionality of Experiential Reality

  • Experiments

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.01

    Here is an experiment for making use of experiential reality. It has to do with the way you touch, especially when you are touching your partner.

    The next time you are with your partner ask them for a moment of stillness. Tell them that you want to do an experiment. Ask them if you can touch them. If they say yes, then reach over and touch their skin the way you have always touched their skin. That is to say, touch their skin in verbal reality. A touch performed in verbal reality stops at the surface of the object because you are touching a known object. You know the name and the form of the thing you are touching, a hand for example, a cheek, or an arm. That thing you touch is an object with a surface where it starts and stops, and that is obviously where you are touching the object: on its surface. This is touch in verbal reality – we touch to confirm what we already know.

    Now take your hand away and shift into Experiential Reality. Shift out of your head into all four bodies. Shift out of concept into experience. It can help if you slowly, delicately rub the tips of your fingers together and feel only that sensation. This helps to shift out of your Box’s ongoing stories into the tiniest moment of a wordless minimized now. Then, without knowing what it is that you are touching, slowly reach over and “touch all the way through” the skin of your partner so that wherever you are touching them you are touching the whole of them all at the same time. Your touch is making deep contact. Avoid using images of bones, muscles, blood and veins. Visualizing images only wakens the mind again. Instead, do not know what you touch, only that you are 'touching through,' touching wholeness, touching being, touching the one you love. You may notice that you touch your partner with a field of touching even before you make physical contact with their skin. And when you do touch their skin your touch no longer stops there. By touching the hand or the cheek you are touching everywhere in them all at the same time. You may Notice that your touch is firmer than usual and strokes less. Then imagine hugging all the way through instead of only at the surface. Then move slowly and try it. This is called “touching through,” a different kind of touching that you do through experiential reality.


    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.01 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, please write one word to describe your experience. This Experiment is worth 100 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.02


    When making or ordering a cup of coffee (or tea, or juice or else if you do not drink coffee), remind yourself that you are practice entering experiential reality.

    When the coffee is ready, place it in front of you.

    First, look at it for one entire minute without any story about it, not even that it is a cup of coffee. Look at it with utter amazement.

    When you are ready, pick up the cup and place it on your lips and have the experience in your 5 bodies of the liquid flowing in your mouth and down your throat and so on. Do not make a story about your experience. Just have the experience.


    Do this experience each time you drink a cup of coffee.

    Notice how long you can stay in experiential reality.

    Notice what your mind is trying to pull you to.

    Write this down in your Beep! Book.


    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.02 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, please write one word to describe your experience. This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.03

    1. This is a very important experiment to do. It will help you start to notice how much time you actually spend in verbal reality.
    2. Go to a country where you do not speak the language.
    3. Whilst there, Notice how often you will look at signs to read information - even though you do not understand it.
    4. Notice that you are actually still alive and still breathing
    5. Instead ask yourself: “What is happening right now? What am I Feeling? What do I want? What do I need? Is there anything I need to handle right now?”
    6. Let information from your 5 bodies bring their information to you. You may notice you have an impulse to go to a certain place, speak to someone, to be in a certain environment. Follow the cues your bodies are bringing you, if you are thirsty drink water, if you are hungry eat.
    7. Come into contact with Reality, Fantasy Worlds do not fly here, you will immediately get the feedback if you are in a fantasy world. Eg you will not handle what needs handling, you will misplace things, panic or go into total survival mode where your swamp will swallow you whole.
    8. If you get feedback that you are in a Fantasy World, ask yourself: “What is happening right now? What can I smell, what can I see if I turn my head all the way around?” “What does my skin feel like?” “What am I feeling?
    9. Start to notice that you are finding your way, outside of verbal reality, and that you can walk upright, occupying space.
    10. Be totally immersed in experiencing a different culture, from inside of your own experience of it. Follow your unfolding wonder, give yourself plenty of time to explore and simply be with the people, yourself and the place.
    11. Let yourself be touched by wonder, beauty, awe and magical coincidences.
    12. Open your bodies in ways that you had forgotten, to open them.
    13. Write one article on your experience of how it is to have life happening with you inside of it, without you needing to know exactly how it goes.


    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.03 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, the country you navigated. This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.04

    Recover your ability to be in experiential reality which is beyond verbal reality.

    1. Walk for two hours in a wild/natural place (for example a beach, woodland, forest, mountain or parklands).
    2. Do not take your phone
    3. Do not take a book
    4. Do not take anything to write or listen to
    5. Do not speak to anyone
    6. Do this three times a week for 4 months.

    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.04 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, name on thing that happened. This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.05

    1. Choose an object that you can touch and be with. (eg it could be a tree or it could be a box of cereal).
    2. In verbal reality you will already know alot about this object; what it does, what it is made out of, who it belongs to, what it is called etc
    3. Your job now is to forget all of that.
    4. Close your eyes.
    5. Touch the object as if for the first time.
    6. Let the experience happen to you. Let the sensation spread across your skin, under your skin. Eg temperature, irregularities, pressure, roughness, smoothness.
    7. Allow yourself to encounter the object through all of your physical body senses.
    8. Encounter the object through your emotional body: What do you Feel when you hold and touch this object?
    9. Encounter your body through your energetic body, what happens in your energetic body? What sensations do you have? Eg vibrations, chills, densities, pulsations, expansions, contractions etc
    10. Encounter the object through your mental body, what could it be? What does it do? What problem could it solve? What do you not know about it? What do you wonder about it?
    11. Encounter the object through your Archetypal Body what information do you receive? What is switched on or off in you? Do you notice anything? Does your Archetypal Lineage have anything for you about this object? About your relationship with this object? About your purpose? Is there resonance or dissonance between you and this object? Do your Bright Principles flow or are they blocked?
    12. Write what you discovered in your BeepBook about encountering an item from experiential reality.


    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.05 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, name one thing you discovered about the object. This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.06


    For this experiment you will need a spaceholder, bucket, tissues and towel.

    1. With a spaceholder, have them ask you “what is stopping you from being here right now?”
    2. Let yourself feel, let all your feelings happen and be here. This means you might feel so mad that “THEY ARE NOT LETTING ME!” or YOU ARE TOO PERFECT, “I have to be good”
    3. Let all of this be exactly there by saying your words.
    4. The space holder's job is to thank you for telling them and then ask again “what is stopping you from being here?”
    5. You feel the next Feeling, the purpose is to enter into reality not avoid it or pretend. The biggest ways you stay out of experiential reality is through a mask of labels and words of who you are and how the world should go.
    6. As this process goes on you might start to become aware of a membrane/shield or some sort of Energetic Block that is keeping you outside of being in touch with reality.
    7. The space holder's job is to also name it when they start to sense the energetic structure.
    8. Then coach you to go through it by saying things :yes, that go!” or “you have found something trust that, go!”.
    9. This is a loud, messy process where there are screams, rage and deep sadness at having been caught on the outside of your life.
    10. Feel all of this
    11. When you get through … you will know when you are through, you will have a clarity in you when you are done.

    Welcome to the real world.


    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.06 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, please write one word to describe your experience. This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.07

    The thing about relating to another human being is that you are likely doing it from a place of wanting to follow the rules.. Your rules.. Or theirs. These rules are all box constructs that are keeping you and them out of experiencing each other’s beings in this very moment right now. The fact is that there is a famine within human hearts, yours included, for real contact with other human beings, in reality, right now. You did not incarnate as a snail. Therefore your HUMAN beingness is longing to be in contact with the HUMAN BEINGNESS of others.
    This experiement is for you to experience being in contact with other human beings.

    1. Decide to do this experiment for no reason and do it all day.
    2. Choose to notice people that your Box usually makes invisible (eg people who live on the street or “just the check out cashier”.
    3. Make eye contact
    4. Keep breathing
    5. Lower your numbness bar to feel something, in the small now.
    6. Notice what you feel
    7. Let your Box tell you all the stories andhave a freak out about being in contact
    8. Instead of adapting to it, just notice that that is what is happening, shrink your box so that is the size of a pea and put it in your pocket.
    9. What are you Feeling? And what does that feeling feel like? Eg: I feel scared, my mouth is dry and my heart is racing.
    10. Do not do anything with this experience.
    11. Notice if you try to make stories out of this experience, instead of attaching to them, let them float by like leaves on a pond.
    12. Make this experiment with every person you encounter in your day.
    13. Some of the experiences will be super short (less than 3 seconds) and still some might go on for an hour more.
    14. Whatever happens it is your job to stay with the experience not the stories about what is happening.


    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.07 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, name one thing you noticed about going into contact with someone. This Experiment is worth 3 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.08

    Shockingly, writing that touches and changes people actually comes from a wordless place. A place devoid entirely of words.

    1. Set a timer for 20 mins.
    2. Lower your numbness bar and let yourself feel…
    3. As you are doing this, start writing.
    4. Sink deeply into what is right now and find the next word for that.
    5. Eg: “Pressure in my ears..” is describing the experience. Instead try “hum bumps cold from below, around a blanket of apprehension, my fear tells me someone just come into the room..of possibility, coolness licks my skin and crushed spine at the intensity of place and now, people move the air across the street as they babble by..”
    6. Each time you find yourself trying to get somewhere or analyse what is happening,
    7. Notice this and drop back into your experience.
    8. Write the next three words you find there.
    9. Keep going until the timer goes off.
    10. Call your writing something like: My Experience of Reality
    11. Publish what you wrote on Medium.

    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.08 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section place the link to your article. This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.09

    1. Choose to hold space for no reason other than you have decided to.
    2. When you next enter a room centre, ground and bubble yourself and declare a golden cube around the space, if you do not know yet how to do that, follow the links, then start doing it before you “really get it.”
    3. Place your Attention on the space.
    4. Notice what Bright Principals are active in the space and name them.
    5. You are now the spaceholder of the space that you declared.
    6. Spend at least ten minutes in that space.
    7. Let your being experience the quality of the space, let it seep through you.
    8. Lower your Numbness Bar To what is right now.
    9. Let the Bright Principles move you either towards or away from certain objects, places, people or things.
    10. If there is nothing to be done or nowhere to get to, then do nothing, except hold the space.
    11. If you receive the information that there is something that needs handling, do that.
    12. Take care of the things that need taking care of.
    13. Experience how it is to take care of something in all five of your bodies.
    14. When you have done this for at least ten minutes, close the space by declaring the experiment over.

    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.09 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section name one bright principle that was active in the space you held. This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.10

    1. Declare that you are taking a guided walk into experiential reality.
    2. Invite at least one other person to come on your Experiential Guided Tour
    3. Decide on a time and meeting place and for how long the Tour will go for. Tell the participants these details.
    4. Choose a particular city, neighbourhood or place in nature to walk around for at least one hour.
    5. Take off your shoes and socks and place your bare feet on a patch of bare ground.
    6. Allow the sensations of your feet being on the earth to rise up through you. Let yourself feel your clothing on your skin, the air on your skin. Allow sounds from the outside environment to arrive at you without needing to go out and get them.
    7. As you are doing this, find the words to build a bridge to your tour group. The purpose is to let your experiential reality be the compass that guides you to make a bridge for the tour group to navigate to their experiential reality. This is very different from following a script.
    8. Start by setting your individual intentions. Do this by centering, grounding and bubbling.
    9. Continue to first have your experience, then find the words to guide the others to that place.
    10. Declare your intention from your experience of being centred, grounded and bubbled, eg: “My intention is for…” or “This walk is to…” “the purpose of my journey is…”
    11. Tell the tour group to also speak their intentions.
    12. Start the tour by following the next “alive” move.
    13. This means that you do not need to know what to do, rather you stay connected to what is right now, if it is clear that there is a specific next destination to go to, start going there if not then simply be with the unfolding of the small now.
    14. Ask questions to deepen your tour group's experience like “what are you noticing right now?” ,“What do you feel?” ,“Which way does your impulse want you to go?” ,“What is it like for you to notice that?”, “Who has the next piece?”
    15. Split your Attention so that part of your attention is always on your own experience. Use this to go into connection with the tour group.
    16. When an item, sensation or a natural phenomenon makes you Feel something, use the information of your feelings to invite the group to be with you in the experience.
    17. Paint the picture with your words, first be deep in your experience then let the words follow.
    18. Find out what it means to hold space from the inside, not from the ‘outside’.
    19. When someone else discovers something, ask them questions to unfold their experience. Be a space for them to have their experience then discover the words to invite you in.
    20. Place part of your attention on the quality, depth and sensation of time. What really happens when you are experiencing time rather than knowing what to do with it?
    21. When the tour ends, gather together and thank the participants.
    22. Open a five minute space for the participants to share how it was for them and what they got out of being in an Experiential Tour guide.


    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.10 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, write the name of your tour. This Experiment is worth 3 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.11

    Do this experiment with a partner. The purpose is to introduce them to your experiential reality, then use words to build a bridge to them to invite them into your experience.

    You will need: a partner, a timer and a piece of fruit.

    1. Ensure you are both Centred, Grounded and Bubbled.
    2. Set a timer for 10 minutes
    3. One of you goes first as the Experimenter.
    4. The other lowers their numbness bar and opens their heart. Be a space for the other person to have their experience, keep your heart open so that you can feel freely and be moved into their experience. (if you do not know how to do this join a Heart Gym).
    5. The Experimenter picks up the fruit and allows the encounter to happen to them.
    6. Unfold the experience of holding the fruit in your hand,
    7. Encounter this experience from a place without labels or descriptions,
    8. Be with the experience with your senses.
    9. Just at that moment that you sense you could not get any more intimate with the experience, start to speak.
    10. Bring words to your experience, let even a sound (such as ooo or ahhh come first).
    11. Let your encounter with this fruit be the source of the script to scaffold your partner to experience you are in.
    12. Unfold the poetry of the experience. Such as: “heat of late autumnal sun.. auburn on her hair…” Enter into a space of ecstatic discovery with the experience first happening while the words follow, building a bridge to your partner to enjoy.
    13. Place the fruit in your mouth and continue to encounter this exact experience, right now.
    14. After ten minutes, come to an end and swap roles.


    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.11 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section write one sentence you found from the place of experiential reality. This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.12

    1. At your next Possibility team meeting, make the following experiment with a partner.
    2. Set a timer for 5 minutes
    3. Choose one person to start as the Experimenter.
    4. The other person is the spaceholder. As such their job is to lower their numbness bar and open their heart so their emotional body can freely Feel.
    5. The Experimenter starts by consciously raising their fear by 3-5% and scanning the other person. It is normal to feel scared when going into contact with another person so , allow yourself to feel your fear that is already there.
    6. Then say “My fear tells me that you need to hear…” and say what you have.
    7. After you have said that thing, let the next wave of Fear bring you the next piece of information and say that too.
    8. Keep going feeling your fear and use it to scan the other person fo what it is that they need to hear from you.
    9. After 5 minutes place your fear in your nervous system with your intention.
    10. Swap roles.

    Both the experimenter and the spaceholder remember to keep breathing and feeling throughout!

    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.12 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, please write one word to describe your experience. This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.13


    This experiment is for 20 minutes either with your children or a child close to you.

    1. Start by observing how they navigate the world, how they move, how they create, how they go into contact with people and the world around them.
    2. Do not intrude on their world.
    3. Make yourself available for interactions with you if they choose, by sitting close to the ground out of their main play space, in a way that does not draw special attention to you. If they approach you just meet them with what they offer you, if they invite you into their game, go with them but do not try to impose rules or judgements, be with them in experiencing the world. Answer questions simply: with “I do not know how it is for you?” if there are no questions do not bring any.
    4. Notice inside yourself:
    5. What feelings and sensations arise in you as you witness their play?
    6. Do you feel angry or scared? Do you feel joy , sadness at the ecstasy of such simplicity? What happens in your mental body? Are you constantly trying to tell stories and put labels on what is happening for that child? Are you telling yourself stories about how to be with children?
    7. After 20 minutes of watching, say thank you to the children and let them know you are going now, or if they have not taken any interest in you, simply leave the space.
    8. Write in your beepbook: What does experiencing life look like? What feelings and sensations arise in you when entering into an experiential relationship with the world.
    9. What emotions came up in you or stories did you notice that stopped you from entering into experiential reality?
    10. Write those down in the back of your BeepBook under the heading EHPs.
    11. Go through one EHP in the next week around the topic of healing from verbal reality.

    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.13 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, name one EHP you found. This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Points.

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    Matrix Code XPERREAL.14

    This is one of those experiments that is essentially about not knowing how this goes…

    There is a way to be moved by something other than verbal reality. A 5 bodied experiential movement. It is possible to navigate your way to the ecstasy of being in 5 body contact with reality. Do the following experiment in either a place you have never been before or with people you do not know. This means your box or verbal reality of “how this goes” is less active.

    1. Give yourself heaps of time… eg at least one or two hours where you do not need to achieve anything or get anywhere, you can simply be.
    2. Place your energetic center on top of your physical center, declare your grounding cord and personal bubble of space.
    3. Move from your first impulse, follow your curiosity and your feelings.
    4. Notice that there are places that you are drawn to and places that you do not want to go.
    5. Listen to all of that.
    6. Not wanting to go somewhere can be because your box or emotional fear does want you to go there. Learn to distinguish these “not wanting to go” fears by leaning a little further into the experience or space. Do you feel more alive? Can you extend the amount of time you are there without retreating to your “comfort zone”.
    7. Learn to distinguish that from the feeling of fear that the person, place or situation really is dangerous and Your Being experiences pain (in the form of violence or assault to your senses, a sudden unexplainable contraction or withdrawal..) listen to all of this.
    8. Follow your experience from the inside, by moving before your box has any say or input.
    9. Start to sensitise yourself to the possibility of being moved by the Archetypal Forces of the Universe that are bigger than you.
    10. Something will happen during this one or two hour time slot … I do not know what, you do not know either until you do it…
    11. Let us know what happens by registering your Matrix points.

    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.14 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, write what happened. This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.

    broken image



    Matrix Code XPERREAL.15

    Five bodied experiential reality. Let me give you a hint: all of these experiments do not happen in your mind or in verbal reality. At its most basic, life is a total experience and as conscious creatures, we invent as we go along. Therefore the closer you can be to what is happening , right now, the closer you can be to your power of invention, your source.

    Take yourself on a five body experiential reality journey.

    1. Do this with another person, one is the spaceholder, the other is the client:
    2. The space holder's job is to hold space for the client to enter experiential reality in each of their 5 bodies.
    3. Set a timer for 30 minutes.
    4. The spaceholder asks the client: What is happening right now in your physical body?
    5. The client starts noticing, what sensations, pressures, temperatures are you experiencing? Are there any pains, tensions or tightness? Go into the sensations rather than away from, creating space around them, making a lot of space around every part of your physical sensations so you can notice them.
    6. The spaceholder then asks: What is happening right now in your mental body?
    7. The client notices thoughts, ideas, even confusions, ruminations, looping ideas, patterns or sentences.
    8. As the client, be with what you notice, without believing it.
    9. Experience your mental body as if you are a tourist visiting a zoo, go there with eyes wide and fall into how your mental body is. Does it have a ‘backward’ sensation or a zooming forward sensation? Are you familiar with this experience or do you not actually really have a clue, how is it to be clueless? Stay there in whatever a metal body experience is for you,
    10. Use words to bridge your experience to the space holder.
    11. As the spaceholder, move on to ask what is happening right now in your emotional body? Your energetic body? And your archetypal body?
    12. Allow at least 5-6 minutes per body so that the client can have an inside experience of their world.
    13. Swap roles.
    14. This is a process that causes a liquid state, as simply noticing something already changes the nature of it, embrace your liquid state as both the spaceholder and client.

    After completing this experiment, please register Matrix Code XPERREAL.15 in your free account at StartOver.xyz. In the Proof section, write one word from each body that you found. This Experiment is worth 4 Matrix Points.

  • A Story of Entering Experiential Reality

    Verbal reality creates the wall of your numbness.

    The question I am asking is this: Are you ready to come back to life? Are you willing to tear down the wall?

    Imagine the following demonstration. A courageous but somewhat anxious man volunteers to step to the front of the training room. I ask him to face the audience and pay close attention to what happens next. He is keenly alert as I gently press my fist into the side of his upper arm.
    After a moment I ask, “What happened?”
    He says, “You touched my arm.”
    I wait a moment to see if anything else comes from this shining exhibition of twenty-first century intelligence. I have waited a hundred times during this same demonstration. Nothing more ever does.
    The man has been to school. He assumes he has found the correct answer and waits for the teacher’s confirmation.
    I turn to the audience and say, “This is a perfect demonstration of verbal reality.”


    The audience has no idea what I am talking about, yet. They have also been to school. Each person sitting in the audience is locked into the same verbal prison as this man. To their mind, what happened is exactly what the man said. I touched his arm. How could it be anything else? Of course that is what happened.
    Then I ask the man to stay with me as I draw and explain the Map of Verbal Reality vs Experiential Reality on a flip chart board. I carefully make each distinction and at the end I ask him if he understands the map.


    He says, “Yes.”
    I say, “Good. I would like you now to shift from verbal reality to experiential reality. Are you ready?”
    He considers this for a moment and then says, “Yes.” His answer is tainted with no small amount of uncertainty. That uncertainty creates the possibility of the shift. The secret of making shifts is to commit before you know how.
    I have the man face the audience again. After a moment I press my fist into his arm exactly as I did a few moments before.
    There is a pause. He seems to be noticing something. His eyes slightly glaze over, wandering off in a manner that is unusual for him. His attention goes inward. He sinks into his body, falling away from the hypnotic grip of his intellectual vocalizations.
    There aren’t thoughts in this man anymore. He has gotten out of his head. The shift to experiential reality has occurred. In this very moment he is experiencing his experience, and the space of the entire room shifts.
    The audience feels it. There is awed silence. People look on in wonder. A new man is standing before them now where the verbal reality man used to be. Especially those who have known this man for years are touched.
    This new man seems somehow deeper and richer, more sensuous, less defined, more flexible, less confined, more alive, less predictable. This new man clearly accesses a vaster world of possibility than he did before. He is no longer straight jacketed by his vocabulary. One by one the audience members regain a long-forgotten hope for themselves. If this man can reclaim his direct experience of the world, perhaps they can too. All of this happens in a sustained wordless moment.


    Then I gently ask the man, “What happened?” It is the identical question I asked him before.
    He does not answer immediately. His intellectual body is no longer in charge so he does not have to answer according to the logic of his mind. He can wait and answer the question if and when and how he chooses. He has his power back, having repossessed it from the tyranny of his intellect.
    He seems slightly perturbed by my request for words, but then something happens. A new function emerges in him – a function whereby he can stay centered in the wordlessness of his direct experience while at the same time he can use a portion of his intellect to grope around for some sort of words. He will use the words as building blocks to construct a bridge directly from his body to the audience’s body so they can share the experience of his experience.


    He takes a full-bodied breath and says,

    “An impulse started in my right arm and flooded into my chest like a swarm of happy honey bees, humming and vibrating around in there. Pressure waves echoed down through my abdomen, waking up my inner cells, tingling down my legs and arms. Ripples are bouncing back and forth through my features, like a song sung free and loud in the mountains. There is orangeness and sweetness in my fingertips. Also in my toes. I still feel it. My earlobes are warm. My hair is electrified with aliveness charge. I can see more clearly, as if a fog has melted away, as if my eyes perceive in new sorts of frequencies. I can see love in you people who are looking at me now. We are in this experience together and it is okay for me to share about it, even if what I say sounds completely crazy.”



    Tears are rolling out of the man’s eyes.

    It does not bother him.

    He could keep painting the experience but he chooses not to.

    He stands there vulnerable and delighted in his experiential wonder, looking at the people as if he had never seen faces before. He has missed this for so long.

    The door is again open wide to a world he has not explored since childhood,

    a world that was almost forgotten.

    He takes slow deep breaths and can’t stop smiling.

    He looks over at me with gratitude, not for me but for the experience he is having, and the audience spontaneously starts clapping with joy and appreciation.
    This is experiential reality.

    Are you ready for this?


  • P. S. It Is All True

    You probably won’t believe what I am going to say.
    You probably won’t believe it because I am using words.
    Words won’t impact you enough for you to get it
    Unless you have already been there.
    My question to you is this: are you willing to recall a memory?
    Because you have already been there.
    And without having to think about it much you already know
    That it is all true.
    All the legends of gods and goddesses,
    Of radiant golden floating temples made of marble columns and flowing silk,
    Of Archetypal angels and demons, upperworlds and underworlds,
    Of a sanctuary where uninterrupted being-with can occur.
    It’s all true.
    All the subtle energetic levels of multidimensional fluid reality
    All of the best ideas communicated here
    The wildest most outrageous inconceivable ideas in StartOver.xyz
    Are all true.
    Waiting to be explored, experienced, employed by you.
    Does it matter?
    Is it all true?
    You can go directly to the core of the mythical labyrinth
    And float in the being of the One
    Any time that you achieve floating conditions.
    It is not personal.
    The opportunity never goes away.
    Long before you were born and long after you die
    The opportunity is there waiting.
    She is there waiting
    The One. She is waiting.
    The beautiful, quiveringly tender, limitlessly accepting One.
    The One with wisdom and knowing beyond words.
    The One who waits, who can only wait
    Until you the Man become a stillness sanctuary where She can rest
    And “be-with” the brilliant radiance of Her being,
    The glow of Her presence, the Countenance of Her raw wild power,
    And Her peacefulness that surpasses all understanding.
    Words are far too crude and solid to talk about this.
    Even thoughts get in the way.
    So much of what happens falls through the gaps between thoughts.
    Nonetheless, it is all hereby confirmed to be true.
    Now, tell me this. What are you going to do about it?

    – Clinton Callahan, in Building Love That Lasts, previously titled Radiant Joy Brilliant Love